Dungeon of Doom

A very high impact, in your face attraction. You want it to end, but it keeps going. Loaded with animatronics, vibrating floors and very eager actors that scare even the bravest souls.

DeathCon Haunted Ride

Instead of the standard hay wagon pulled by a tractor, our guest board a 5 ton military transport truck to fight the apocalypse, where they experience aliens, zombies, and numerous other creatures. DeathCon is extremely entertaining. Just riding on the trucks is worth the experience.

Cirque Du Souls - 4D Maze

The only 4D Haunted Maze of its kind. Cirque du Souls is the revenge of the funny, happy clowns. Guest wear 3D glasses and everything comes alive. This is an over the top experience that will keep you on your toes through every twist and turn.